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I have been an outdoors person most of my life,  through Sports & through my frequent, childhood visits to the Jungles of India. I love Nature. In painting animals and birds, I love to bring out their personalities.

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Clowns and Circuses are an integral part of most people’s childhood. Clowns bring laughter with their antics. This ability to laugh at oneself is what fascinates me about them.
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This gentle, laid-back, gregarious, cud-chewing animal has a great fascination for me, not least because it is associated with Krishna, my Muse.

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Dashavatar is a more comprehensive theory of evolution that dates back in time than the theory of the Origin of Species that was propounded by Charles Darwin in the seventeenth century.

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For the nursery

I know, from experience, that wise parents expose their children to all forms of visual art from a very early age as it is a powerful source for, both, mental and physical well- being. It has a stabilizing effect and reduces stress. It creates self-awareness and brings immense joy to the viewer.

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My paternal grandmother was an avid reader and used to engage with me for hours through stories from Indian Mythology. I soaked them up quite unknowingly and when i started painting seriously, at the ripe, old age of 63, all these iconic forms started pouring out of me. Krishna took the lead and became my muse!

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Collage art means assemblage art so anything one creates through assembly, whether in 2D or 3D, or as an installation, can be considered a collage. It is an art form full of exciting possibilities and one ends up with a brand new whole from broken, torn or mismatched parts.  I have also been witness to some very happy accidents! Collage art can be as powerful as delving into abstract art.

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Eyes play a dominant role in my representational art forms and which species have the most beautiful and expressive eyes? – Owls! When it comes to night vision, owls are on top. Their eyeballs don’t move so they swivel their heads. This is what i find their most attractive trait. I simply love to paint owls.

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Flora symbolizes Nature & Nature symbolizes Life- wild, unbridled  and lush. Everything reeks of fecundity. It gives me great joy to paint plants and flowers.

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Soft pastels

I had a box of soft pastels gifted to me by my daughter,  more than twenty years ago. I tried using some but broke them instead & then gave up. During Covid, i gave pastels another try after seeing a chance video. I was amazed at the creative results that could  be achieved with them and  since then, i have fallen in love with them! I am rather proud of the landscapes that i was able to paint.

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Trees of life

I was born and brought up in Dehradun, through the first five years of my life and there were many, many revisits. Surrounded by dark, deep forests, Dehradun was a lovely, restful place in the fifties. I grew to love the hoary trees i saw everywhere. They were home to so many species of birds and animals. I was quite a tree climber as a child and the view from a tree branch, whether up or down,  was quite magical for a child of five. My Tree of Life paintings are definitely inspired by those years of tree climbing.

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The Woods are lovely, dark, and deep…… I have spent my most formative years surrounded by copses, jungles and forests. I love the myriad hues of greens and browns that typify them. Strong but silent is how I would describe them. Who would not want to paint them?

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Whimsical art

Playful, joyful, unusual, and unpredictable art is my forte. If i can bring a smile to your face i am happy.

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Abstraction exists in the mind as an idea or concept. It is not a familiar or recognizable physical object but it is as real. Abstract art is not representational art but deals with line, shape, form, texture and colour to build a unique composition. It encourages the brain to explore one’s own personal spaces.

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Landscapes in soft pastels are the current flavour in my work! Once you try this extremely versatile medium it’s hard to put it down.

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My Zoo

| had a Beesh and two small Floze
And five furry Woodplips, too,
And on my head i had an Aze
As we sat in my smallish Zoo,

The Doyce called out from the frozen pond
As they slid and slipped & fell,
The Monce then added to their woes
When it rang and rang its bell.

My warm little heart was full of love,
Don’t doubt this one little bit!
All i wanted, for them to be safe,
Was to have one fire lit.

With sticks and stones i got a spark
That spit and blazed and crackled.
Then Beesh and Floze and Woodplips flopped
Whilst the Aze i had to tackle.

The Doyce pressed on,
The Monce pushed hard
Against the windy weather,
And all i could do was to huddle there
With them creatures all together.

Nalini Misra Tyabji
26 January, 2019.
New Delhi

Prints for Sale


In this very year, we have ventured into printing some of the paintings. We started with the Navdurga Set of 9 Devis. Currently, our format is a maximum of 12”x18”. If you would like to buy a print of an artwork displayed on this website kindly send a mail to the email ID given under Contact.

About Nalini Tyabji

About nalini tyabji

A Little intro

I started serious painting at the ripe, old age of 63. I felt I was born to paint. I consider myself an Outsider artist, who has had no formal education or training in Art. Whatever knowledge I have picked up, I have picked up through books, videos, or through trial and error.

I was always deeply interested in all forms of Visual Art.

Forms Of Art

Since I have had no formal education or training in Art I have not had to follow the classical rules of any tradition, even though I have borrowed heavily from all forms of regional arts.

I paint what I like and how I like it to look.

Media Used

I use all media except Oils