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Nalini misra tyabji

The illness of a family member can be a curse for many, but her father’s illness turned Nalini Misra Tyabji into an artist. She gave up her social obligations to look after him at home and started painting in whatever spare time she could muster. By the time her father passed away a year later, she had collected a large body of her paintings - enough for an exhibition, which she held two months later. Recalling the trigger that gave her a new career, when she was 63, she says, “In January, 2013, I started painting and would show each day’s work to my father who would wait for it. He was then battling cancer and for at least an hour each evening both of us could forget our troubles. Some months that followed were truly magical and we spent time together like we had never before but soon he was too critical to respond. Even though I was deeply saddened I continued to paint and I’m sure I received copious blessings from him.”

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